Breath4Health started life as an idea for a TV series for learning simple qigong exercises. I filmed Cheyne Towers teaching three introductory exercises and we published the completed program on Youtube. Our project was disrupted by unforeseen circumstances, but the Youtube video has been a great success. We have resumed filming simple qigong exercises which will be added here as they become available and Cheyne will be providing more in-depth qigong training on his own website – HeartMindTherapies.com

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  1. Hello, at age of 77 I am about to begin 6 weeks of radiotherapy to zap a few cancer seeds hiding in the prostate bed. I had the prostate removed 18 months ago and at the time all appeared clear with post op,P.S.A reading of 0.01, excellent. but big C does not give up easily and the P.S.A checks have climbed steadily to 4.9, not disastrous but a definite alert signal. after all scans and checks it was decided further treatment now would perhaps be advisable. Knowing the possible/probable effects on my health I have been looking for some form of exercise I could practise to keep on a level of fitness and health. Qigong appears to have the benificial aspects I look for. as a long term practitioner what arew your veiws.

  2. I am just discovering Qigong. Of all the things I have seen I’ve taken to these videos more then others. Mr Towers presents a calming and clear understanding into Qigong. I hope more videos become available soon.

  3. Hi cheyne, thank you so much for this excersises. I only followed small spiral m4v, seated…and to my surprise my feet started to be felt more intense than they normally do. Very nice, more complete body feeling. I hope to learn more from your exercises.

    Barbara H.

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